Welcome in Toulouse, the European AirSpace capital and playground of the second most dense innovation community in France. Toulouse is where innovation, entrepreneurship and industry meet quality-of-life in an open and multicultural climate, between mountains, ocean and sea. We like challenges because “in Toulouse, even space is not the limit.”
frog design team in Toulouse, France
We help clients
Launch New Businesses / Improve CX at Scale / Make Bolder Choices / Deliver Better Products / Form Stronger Teams
How we work
"We melt design, business & technology cultures since market-fit solutions result from convergence of both people buy-in and business realities."
Pierre Dubié
Studio Lead
"We create exceptional experiences by having a deep understanding of end-users and the ability to make bold Design decisions."
Maxime Frere
Senior Experience Designer
“Creation requires time for contemplation to capture essence of things and people feelings. At frog, we take such time for step back.”
Thomas Pénide
Organizational Designer
Toulouse at a glance
6/5 Gender Equality
Our studio has been gender-balanced since its creation, and continues to grows in this way.
11 Hybrid Talents
We draw our expertise from more than one field.
20 Chocolatines
Weekly amount of local Chocolate pastries consumed by the team.
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Information Systems (IS)
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