Paris will always be Paris: a world capital for fashion, food, art and design. frog Paris is ideally located between the business district of La Défense and the Arc de Triomphe. Our team is a loud, sugared-up bunch of passionate practitioners with many different auras; some analytical blue, some decision making red, some caretaker green and a lot of creative yellow.
frog design team Paris, France
We help clients
Launch New Businesses / Improve CX at Scale / Make Bolder Choices / Deliver Better Products / Form Stronger Teams
How we work
“What I enjoy the most is designing products from the inside out, transforming tech into a great user experience!”
Camille Chouard
Industrial Designer
“My favorite part of the job is getting my hands dirty. I like it when we roll up our sleeves and build something tangible… but always in a fun spirit!”
Anne Laliberté-Guitard
Senior Experience Designer
“For decades, I’ve been fascinated by the potential value of connected devices. We still haven’t unleashed this potential and I want to be part of bringing this real value to market.”
Lisa Jackson
Paris at a glance
4 Martial Artists
We have serious skills, including one black belt and one of Van Damme’s sparing partners.
45 Kilos of Sweets
That's roughly how much colorful and delectable goodness we devour each year.
1:1 Gender Ratio
We’ve always vouched for gender equality amongst our team; so far, so good.
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