Neighboring the European continent, Malmö is a vital part of the dynamic Swedish/Danish Oresund region, with Copenhagen only a bridge away. frog Malmö resides in the landmark building HUS1 and has a wide array of in-house capabilities covering the full product design spectrum, from strategy and market research, conceptualization and realization of digital, technical and product design, all the way to 0-series and small scale production.
frog design team Malmö, Sweden
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Launch New Businesses / Improve CX at Scale / Make Bolder Choices / Deliver Better Products / Form Stronger Teams
Malmö at a glance
50% Bike to Work
Malmö is the unofficial bike capital of Sweden, and we embrace one of the best ways to get around the city.
34% Take Winter Baths
Along the coastline you will find bathing houses that are overrun during the winter. Try a sauna and a cold bath, it is good for your health!
216 Cups of Coffee per Day
Fika, the tradition of sitting down to relax and have a cup of coffee, is sacred in Sweden. It makes us one of the biggest consumers of coffee in the world.
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