Munich is home to an active and diverse creative community of artists, designers and students—and also one of frog's Europe studios. Located just north of the Bavarian Alps, Munich is a seat for state government, headquarters for automaker BMW and a major hub of the German film industry.
frog design studio in Munich, Germany
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How we work
“The Munich studio is located in a dynamic area in the city that offers many activities. Obviously, we have different backgrounds and nationalities but we blend our diversity of skills and thoughts to share a common philosophy to deliver excellent outcomes. Our studio is more than a place of work meaning we connect people, organise events and talks, debate, progress, support each other and have fun between frogs. I do like the spirit.”
René Mambembe
Visual Designer
“For decades, I’ve been fascinated by the potential value of connected devices. We still haven’t unleashed this potential and I want to be part of bringing this real value to market.”
Lisa Jackson
"frog was born in Germany's Black Forest region out of one rebel spirit—Hartmut Esslinger—and it's with that spirit that we say: frog is for the bold, frog is for the brave."
Todd Taylor
Marketing Director
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