Kara’s story
Meet the Munich-based Design Director who is making her mark with sustainability and design at frog.
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Make Your Mark
For the brave
frog began as a rebellion, home to challengers and antagonists within the design industry. After 50 years, our world has changed dramatically, yet frogs continue with that rebel spirit, collaborating with passionate leaders and visionary entrepreneurs dedicated to inventing the new. These are their stories.
Designing a sustainable future
Kara Pecknold Design Director, frog
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Evolving automotive design
Peter Schreyer Head of Design Management, Hyundai Motor Group
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Meet the humans designing the future. In each episode we speak with the people making their mark in the world of product, service and experience design.
“There’s nothing worse than leaders being the bottleneck for every decision.”
- Thomas Sutton
Innovation Work Takes Courage
Thomas Sutton, Former CDO, frog EMEA
Episode #12, May 27, 2021
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Before Thomas Sutton takes on a new role leading Design for Digital Health R&D at AstraZeneca, he offers his insight into designing human-centered healthcare products and services.
Building Trust into Digital Futures
Toshi Mogi, AVP Strategy, Financial Services frog
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Sustainability X Ventures
Ethan Imboden, VP & Head of Global Ventures, frog
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Behind the Mark
Meggan Webber, frog Austin
“I wanted to create a mark that feels like how we work at frog—we question, inspire, pivot, and often make the impossible possible.”