Our Delhi studio is located in Gurgaon, India's millennium city and the country HQ for 252 Fortune 500 companies. With the highest number of professionals per square km in the country, Gurgaon was a natural choice for frog India’s first home. frog Delhi is an eclectic mix of people who celebrate diversity, creativity and great design.
Frog design team in Delhi, India
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Launch New Businesses / Improve CX at Scale / Make Bolder Choices / Deliver Better Products / Form Stronger Teams
How we work
"Everyday at the studio is a new experience. We have created a space (physically and intellectually) for ourselves that stimulates great conversations. It feels like I am doing a Masters in Design while working on crazy projects!”
Rahul Bhadauria
Visual Designer
"frog Delhi studio is a true reflection of 'Unity in Diversity,' where people from different backgrounds, cultures, expertise and experiences work together to produce innovative and exciting work for our global clients."
Rahul Gill
Principal Program Manager
“frog being one of oldest design companies in the world, yet it is very young, agile and open at its core, culture and approach.”
Siddhartha Sen Choudhary
Design Director
Delhi at a glance
15 Out-of-Towners
We are a cultural melting pot representing the length and breadth of the country.
15 Hybrid Talents
From ceramics to textiles, motion graphics to architecture, engineering to law – we draw expertise from more than one field.
15 Tri-Lingual frogs
Don’t be surprised to hear us switch between languages with as much ease as we switch between the studio and a brew pub.
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