frog New York is located in the heart of DUMBO, with walls of windows boasting views of one of the world’s most dramatic skylines. When a design problem has our team of designers, strategists and technologists stumped, we find inspiration in the vibrant and constantly changing city streets.
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Launch New Businesses / Improve CX at Scale / Make Bolder Choices / Deliver Better Products / Form Stronger Teams
Meet the frogs
"frog engagements are staffed with multi-disciplinary teams, like an early stage startup, that drive the work from soup to nuts alongside clients, increasing speed to market while keeping a customer centric vision intact. This deep partnership creates cohesion and alchemy that is truly what makes frog magic."
Geoffrey Schwartz
Executive Strategy Director
"I’ve been at frog for more than 15 years, over that time, the depth at which we deliver value has continued to expand. For me it’s gone from understanding the user to now understanding the user, the client, AND the client’s organization in order to deliver a customer experience that will really work in the world, as a business and for the humans."
Turi McKinley
Global Practice Lead and Executive Director, Org Activation
“I love being a design technologist and bridging the gap between design and technology. It’s extremely fulfilling to work along side such incredibly talented people to help change the way companies and entire fields operate.”
Sonia Boller
Digital Technology Intern
New York at a glance
1/5 of frogNY is a Matrix
Like a film studio that transforms day-to-day, the matrix is a dynamic, highly changeable environment.
26 Themed Coffee-Times per Year
From a “same-height” party with custom stilts to Comme des Café Time, a tribute to Rei Kawakubo.
12 Green Thumbs
frogNY employees committed to turning our studio into an urban vegetable garden.
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