Known as the 'gastronomic capital of France,' located just a few hours from the capital, the Alps and the sunny southern beaches. Lyon is also a major hub for pharmaceutical and biotech industries, and a home to international students and innovative startups. Our studio is made up of diverse and curious creatives, all striving to design for humanity and society.
frog design office in Lyon, France
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Launch New Businesses / Improve CX at Scale / Make Bolder Choices / Deliver Better Products / Form Stronger Teams
How we work
"My obsession is to dive into opportunities where I'll align and activate organizations aiming to address ambitious challenges impacting the world, which will give meaning to their action, their collaboration, their life.”
Benjamin Holmgren
Senior Strategist, Org Activation
"My fascination with technology fuels my addiction to chase pixel-perfect design. The modern world is driven by technology and design navigates tech, as designers we are at the forefront of it."
Abhinav Kumar Jain
Interaction Designer
"What makes me happy in life is learning new stuff every day. It’s something that I can do at frog freely, working closely with diverse users, discovering their universe, understanding their needs to create solutions that fit them best."
Anne-Hélène Lize,
Senior Program Manager
Studio Culture
Surrounded by all kinds of terrain, it’s easy to get hooked on locally produced items. We like to stay local, eat local.
Ski Fanatics
France is one of the most popular skiing destinations in the world, and what better than having a ski station just an hour away from the studio?
Closely Knit
From concepts to cookies, we share everything. We take pride in sharing our highs and lows together.
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