Bangalore, India's start-up capital, has the highest number of breweries in India and is home to the youngest frog pond. frog Bangalore, much like the city, is truly cosmopolitan, with our frogs having diverse experiences in different parts of the world. Chai and camaraderie keep our creative juices flowing.
frog design team of innovators, designers, and technologists in Bangalore
We help clients
Launch New Businesses / Improve CX at Scale / Make Bolder Choices / Deliver Better Products / Form Stronger Teams
How we work
"Having innovators from various cultural backgrounds, disciplines, languages and geographies, brings a different perspective to our client's design problems. Our diversity makes us unique and the reason why clients should work with frog India studios. We bring in that extra spice, just like our food.”
Chinmay Kerkar
Interaction Designer II and Media Producer
"It’s amazing leading projects with multi-talented, self-motivated, empathetic and enthusiastic designers. frog feels like a small world as all studios are well connected. There is a distinct culture which bonds studios across the world - Monday Mornings (MMM), Coffee time (Chai time in India), Global Hangouts and various other creative meets."
Veena Sonwalkar
Senior Design Lead
“Our clients admire how deeply and quickly we immerse ourselves into their world and create value that is truly unique and sustainable for them. The experience of navigating through uncertainty and co-creating with clients over time is something that I find meaningful and thrilling as a designer.”
Ruchin Shah
Senior Interaction Designer
Bangalore at a glance
12 Unique Languages Spoken
We're a polyglot pond, with 15 frogs speaking a total of 12 languages.
200 Cups of Chai per Week
We are true chai fanatics. Ask our global frog visitors.
32 Level Jenga Tower
From complex structures to advanced-level play, we are gods of Jenga.
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