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In 2012, frog designers were asked to participate in a design challenge exploring ways to mine, collect and transform data into wearable hardware concepts that change and enhance our experience of the city.

The connected world of smart products and networked environments is producing an unprecedented bounty of data, which can be used to improve our understanding of the world and help us solve problems from the mundane to the complex. For this design challenge, frogs around the world conceptualized wearable technologies designed for the urban environments in their cities.

With concern growing over poor air quality in Chinese cities, frog’s Shanghai studio created AIRWAVES, a contemporary-styled pollution mask embedded with sensors that filter and measure real-time air quality. The data is fed into a smartphone app and shared with others, becoming a data platform for building community trust and awareness.

frog’s Amsterdam studio imagined an interactive friendship bracelet called MNEMO that enables you to record, relive, and share a memory reel of your friends’ pictures, songs, and locations from a single event.

The New York studio imagined the MTA RELAY connected wristband to navigate the city’s large subway system with accurate transit information before and during the journey.

From Austin came an idea for greater environmental engagement with TREE VOICE, which uses data collected from trees to increase awareness about the trees and the local environment.

San Francisco frogs celebrated the city’s commitment to sustainability and technology with KINETIK, a device that harnesses kinetic energy through bike riding to power mobile devices while on the move.

The Seattle studio focused on a wearable technology kit for preteen girls, designed to encourage them to play with technology and connect with the city’s tech and Maker communities.

Milan’s COMPASSGO helps restore spontaneity to city life by guiding users to an unexpected location using smartphone-synched personal data and physical signals.

frog’s Munich studio proposed ICHO, a digital navigation system that increases the level of awareness in the city for the visually impaired with help of a connected white cane.

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