Our Digital World Needs Design More Than Ever

Forrester names frog among top firms for Digital Product Development Services
By Jona Moore

Forrester recently released Now Tech, a report on the latest and greatest in Digital Product Development, which also cites the best large, mid-sized and small digital product providers. frog was one of just a few design firms included in the list of 19 global technology, engineering and business consulting firms mentioned. Why is this important? Because now, more than ever, it’s crucial that we don’t forget about people when building new products in an increasingly digital world. And we know that a thoughtful, human-centered design approach is the best way to do this. 

As the Forrester report suggests, digital products are no longer a nice-to-have, but table stakes for companies across industries looking to stay ahead of the disruption curve. In addition to adding new streams of revenue and engagement, digital products are a crucial element in not only fending off competition encroaching from every direction, but in proactively playing to win in the disruption game. 

Here’s the thing: Design is the special sauce to truly disruptive digital products. We know this, because we’ve been helping our game-changing clients do it for the last 50 years. From our earliest days teaming up with the likes of Sony and Steve Jobs, we have made it our business to always keep people at the center of everything we do. And though our definition of “product” has changed drastically over the last half century—from the first personal devices like the Sony Walkman and Apple computers to the hundreds of apps we all carry around on our phones every day—we’ve maintained that spark and curiosity for everything we imagine, build and scale in the digital world. 

At frog, we often say that in order to build the right thing, you have to design the thing right. This comes up in digital product all the time. We get clients asking us about time to market and agile development. We do those things, sure—we can get you to market fast. But the more important thing is keeping you ahead of the market for longer. Cheap and fast is all well and good until you have to keep throwing investments to do cheap and fast over and over again. Instead, we encourage our clients to build the right thing, which more often than not, is the lasting thing, the more disruptive thing, and the more profitable thing. 

Design processes like DesignOps, agile methodology, and design thinking help clients define tangible goals, like adding revenue streams or staying competitive, and keep those goals in sight so that everything they do stays on that path. Our experience working with clients across industries and with all sorts of constantly changing customer expectations enables us to act as a trusted guide, partner and co-collaborator in your journey to delivering the best possible digital product to your desired audiences. In fact, Forrester confirms that companies find greater success in their experience strategies with small to midsize firms like frog, which are more likely to be “a great cultural fit, big enough to do complex projects, more agile than the ‘big guys,’ and ‘an extension to [the] team.’” 

We are proud to be among 2020’s top Digital Product Providers. At frog, we are passionate about the things we make, the way they work and the people who use them. 

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Jona Moore
Global VP of Technology, frog Austin

Jona is the Global VP of Technology at frog. Jona brings over 18 years of experience in bringing new innovation, user experiences and products to life for many large Fortune 500 clients. With a passion for managing large complex cross-functional (UX, technology, product, business strategy) teams to collaboratively meet their goals, Jona has successfully led many large organizations through transformational changes while influencing cultural change in their businesses.