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Helping diabetes patients adjust to daily life with the Solo insulin pump.

To provide the optimal out-of-box experience for diabetes patients, frog created a visual design language and brand identity for Solo that was candid and easy to understand. 

Medingo, a medical start-up, wanted to bring their miniature insulin delivery solution to market. As the smallest available pump on the market, the SOLO MicroPump Insulin Delivery System appeals especially to users who value discrete devices and an active lifestyle. The little-known brand needed to build trust in a competitive market, however the product they offered was unlike anything else available.

Medingo approached frog to develop a brand that introduces their product to the market, welcomes insulin users and distinguishes their device from other available insulin delivery systems.

To capture customer needs and sentiments, frog engaged with diabetics and diabetes educators to understand the value of a micro-pump and the ways in which device could fit into their lives. The insights gathered from these conversations were paired with broader market research to craft a relatable brand story that allows Mendigo to connect with users.

The logo, visual identity system, and packaging reflect flexibility and discretion --  pillars that would become the essence of Solo’s brand values. The SOLO out of box experience embodies this brand strategy, emphasizing ease of use and spontaneity through the use of custom typography, color, and imagery.

To craft a cohesive expression of brand value, the design extends across multiple consumer touchpoints, including marketing collateral, packaging, and trade show material.

Medingo launched the Solo with frog-designed logo, brand identity, and packaging. Two months later, Medingo was acquired by Roche for $160 million.

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