SXSW 2016

frog Speakers

Design for Smarter Public Spaces

Daniel Holtzman
Creative Director, frog

Francesca Birks
Foresight Associate and Americas Lead, Arup

Randy Ramusack
Founder & CEO, LQD Wifi

Sunday, March 13th, 2016
3:30 - 4:30 PM

Austin Convention Center
Room 8ABC
500 E Cesar Chavez Street

As our cities and public infrastructure gets smarter – from digital advertising and public WiFi to sensing and mobile, location-based services – our experience of neighborhoods, places, and spaces is transforming.

On this panel, frog, Arup, and LQD Wifi will explore the emerging challenges of designing for interaction in shared public space. As well as how it is changing security, serendipity, and service delivery in and among connected spaces like parks, libraries, campuses, shopping districts, and neighborhood. Come learn how making our spaces more responsive and intelligent creates entirely new kinds of business and design opportunities.

Dirt, Drones and Data: The Future of Farming

David Cleaves
Exec Creative Director, frog

Simone Wittmann
Sr. Design Researcher, frog

Friday, March 11th, 2016
11:00 AM - 1:00 PM

Austin Convention Center
Room 5ABC
500 E Cesar Chavez Street

To feed 9 billion people by 2050, we need to grow more food using fewer chemicals and less farmland. To do this, farmers need smart, precise technology to enable them to farm each square meter of their land with the individual care and attention of a gardener.

frog works with farmers and technology providers around the world. In this workshop, we will share some of our recent findings and insights from design research in Africa, Brazil, North America, and Europe. Leveraging this data, we will research, ideate, and prototype concepts for how to gather and act upon new sources of data to create the future farming methods that will ensure sustainable food security.

Scalable Innovation for Social Good

Erica Kochi
Sr Advisor to UNICEF Exec Dir on Innovation & Co-founder and co-lead, UNICEF Innovation

Fabio Sergio
VP, Creative, frog

Ian Ferguson
VP, Worldwide Marketing and Strategic Alliances, ARM

Saturday, March 12th, 2016
12:30 - 1:30 PM

JW Marriott
Room 303-304
110 E 2nd Street

Although the ability to do nearly anything with today’s consumer technology is seemingly ubiquitous, there are still millions of people around the world without access to even the most basic services. Thanks to visionary engineers, designers and business people, emerging low power, smart technologies such as wearables, sensor-based and connected devices are overcoming barriers in infrastructure, healthcare and economic development. This panel will explore how simple innovations can have a basic yet profound impact when designed with a user’s local context in mind and social relativity.

The New Rules for Empowering a Wired Workforce

Anna Carsen
Vice President of Product Management, ADP

Jason Severs
Executive Creative Director, frog

Jeff Fernandez
Co-founder and CEO, Grovo Learning

Katie Stringer
Director, Learning and Development, Converse

Monday, March 14th, 2016
5:00 - 6:00 PM

JW Marriott
Salon 7
110 E 2nd Street

Technology is moving faster than ever. And with it, the skills and resources people need to do their best work are rapidly changing. How can business leaders motivate, educate and inspire their employees in a world of growing tech solutionism, information overload, and shifting job roles? With job openings at a record high and company loyalty at an all time low, knowing the answer will be critical to develop and retain today’s top talent. Join some of the most interesting minds in workplace design, learning, and human capital for a discussion on engaging employees in today’s wired world.

Save The Unicorns! Tooling For Full-Stack Design

Robert Tuttle
Exec Tech Director, frog

Monday, March 14th, 2016
9:30 - 10:30 AM

JW Marriott
Salon E
110 E 2nd Street

The space reserved for the creative technologist in the iterative design and development process is now becoming the domain of the full-stack designer. The tools, frameworks, and techniques to quickly sketch with markup and code have opened the door for hybrid designers and technologists alike to experiment with complex technology platforms and quickly identify, incubate, and validate compelling opportunities for UX innovation under time-to-market pressures or unclear requirements. This session will uncover what it is to be a full-stack designer beyond traditional visual and interaction layers while also exploring the current software and services that enable these unicorns to fly.

How Digital Artifacts Help Us Process Death

Umy Boonmarlart
Principal of Design, frog

Tuesday, Mar 15th
9:30 - 10:30 AM

Austin Convention Center
Room 6AB

Today, when someone passes away they leave behind a digital trail through social media – which often includes their thoughts, pictures, and videos. This digital presence lives on; allowing loved ones of the deceased to access and interact with these digital artifacts. Left behind data continues to connect those who share their loss. This talk will share research on how this phenomenon both eases and prolongs the grieving process. Additionally, it will cover future design concepts for turning ‘left behind’ data into an artificial simulation of the deceased, able to interact with those still alive. Death doesn’t have to only be the end of life but also a part of life we build upon.