Connecting citizens to vital services with a new take on old payphones.

Sep 15

Smart Living City

frogs Todd Taylor and Kara Pecknold will lead the workshop, "Big Data For a 'Small World': Designing a New Urban Reality by frog"

Sound United

Personal Audio

Helping an audiophile brand enter the personal audio market.

Design Mind

Mobile Design for Farmers

frog partners with GSMA's mAgri Program to bring mobile solutions to smallholder farmers around the world.

Red Dot

Product Design Winner

We are proud to announce that frog's design for the Eyelock myris, the USB Iris Identity Authenticator, is the Red Dot Product Design Award winner.

Sep 18


frog Executive Creative Director Holger Hampf will give the talk, "Can design save the world? Ecodesign influences and limits."


Healthcare Services

Designing innovative healthcare solutions for over 40 years. Here are some of the ways we can work together.