BNY Mellon

Transforming Into a Digital-first Company

Digital Makeover: Customer browsing BNY Mellon redesigned website on laptop
BNY Mellon digital-first brand experience design: website interface
“A multi-year customer experience transformation like BNY Mellon's takes deep partnership, trust and empathy. Together, we tailored an ecosystem to the individual customer needs utilizing intuitive, adaptive and living toolkits that will continue to drive business impact at scale for years to come. To us, this demonstrates how clients and frog can come together on a purpose-driven journey.”
Jared Fink, Principal Designer, frog
frog's new design language system for BNY Mellon - America's longest standing financial institution - drives business by creating a more efficient way to connect with customers across the digital ecosystem.
Building On Brand Equity
BNY Mellon is well known to Wall Street, but needed an outside partner to help them reach the world at large. The team leveraged frog's expertise in human-centered design and BNY Mellon's longstanding financial know-how to create a digital-first brand experience.
Leveraging Assets
Working closely with BNY Mellon, frog reframed the company’s capabilities to showcase unparalleled client guidance. Through every stage of the investment cycle, customers intuitively find services and information for their specific needs. A content platform further differentiated BNY Mellon as an institution that provides trusted insights and thought leadership from experts across the investment field.
Strategic Planning
Through close collaboration and an agile methodology, the team created new experiences directly in code, saving time-consuming software development cycles. frog established a strong foundational design language at the outset, which enabled BNY Mellon to be both aspirational and scalable with their digital properties.
Fall 2013
BNY Mellon asked frog for a digital makeover.
8 weeks
frog researched the identity of the company, speaking with over 50 key employees around the world and identifying key insights and opportunities.
May 2014 redesign launched.
With a clear perspective on what they do best, a continued commitment to cutting-edge technology, and a fresh approach to communicating with their clients, BNY Mellon's digital experience has quickly become the industry's gold standard. frog's design won the 2015 WebAward for Outstanding Achievement in the financial services category.