The Collective Action Toolkit puts design-thinking tools into the hands of local change agents to transform communities

frog’s fieldwork in Africa with the Nike Foundation revealed the need for a universal framework that empowers communities of all shapes and sizes to find and design their own solutions to any problem, any time.

“Foundations and NGOs that we’ve talked to have been excited about using the CAT because they don’t have accessible tools like this that they can adapt, provide to their communities, and say ‘Take this and run with it.’”

David Sherwin, Principal Designer on the CAT team

Easy to Understand

With simple vocabulary and concrete insights into how to build a team, carry out research, and develop solutions, the CAT distills design-thinking down to essential building blocks. The result is a stand-alone resource designed to lead anyone, anywhere through the problem-solving process, to any problem, any time.

Dynamic Problem Solving

Rather than providing a step-by-step list, the CAT reflects the dynamic nature of problem-solving with a 72-page non-linear booklet of activities, each of which ends with a return to the project’s core focus: helping users maintain clear goals and make change happen.

Design + Training In Myanmar

To support the rebuilding of a democratic Myanmar, frog worked with pointB, a locally-based design-thinking center for community engagement. The team developed a 6-month CAT-based curriculum that fosters the development of a new generation of leaders equipped to tackle their communities’ social issues.

key milestones

November 2012

The Collective Action Toolkit is launched after six months of continuous refinement and prototyping.


The CAT wins a bronze International Design Excellence Award (IDEA).


The CAT’s impact continues to grow, with unofficial translations in progress in Italian, German, Pashto, Portuguese, Ethiopian, Amharic, Sinhalese and Tamil. Following extensive feedback, frog introduces a newly improved CAT.

From Malawi to Milwaukee, the Collective Action Toolkit has empowered change agents of every age and ethnicity, with over 30,000 downloads in English, French, Spanish, and Chinese since its launch in 2012. The CAT is open-source, allowing for adaptation and use by anyone, in any country, via a Creative Commons license.

Download the Collective Action Toolkit

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