Shanghai is one of the largest and most vibrant cities in the world—and home to frog's Asia-Pacific headquarters. Located in a remodeled steel factory within the Jing'An district, the studio’s diverse and multinational team specializes in designing meaningful solutions for emerging markets.
frog design team in Shanghai, China
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How we work
"The frog team has worked alongside Tencent Trusted Doctors in developing crucial strategies to innovate the business model and then to implement these in real-time. They combine innovation and effective operation management with on-the-ground action, making them the ideal partner for any startup.”
Shirui Wang
Founder & CEO, Tencent Trusted Doctors Group
“I collaborated with frog Shanghai to go from 0 to launch in just 4 months on a new beauty brand that is geared toward Millennials. The rigor and agility of frog’s venture design approach was an eye-opener, and we generated very satisfactory results. frog is a great partner that I’d recommend to true innovators.”
Ryan Li
Founder & CEO of XURFACE by Beauty Farm
“We are in a market where new technology emerges almost every day, which means unprecedented challenges that require unparalleled solutions.”
Tim van der Heide
Design Technologist
Shanghai at a glance
27 Bottles of Booze
When our frogs travel, they bring back booze for our bar like Ugandan Gin in a satchet, Zwack Unicum from Hungary, and herbal bitters from Czech Republic.
2 Hanging Bubble Chairs
To draw inspiration, chat, or simply to chill out, the bubble chairs are known as the best seat in the house.
3 Studio Pets
Our studio is home to frog Ziggy, and two turtles named Cassius and Chekhov.
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