Known for cobblestone streets and side-alley taverns, Boston is also the crown jewel of the U.S. university system. Over 60 schools call Boston home, including Harvard and MIT. frog Boston is located near the Old State House in the Financial District, and houses many of our innovation strategists.
"love what you make!" - frog design Boston team motivation
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"I am lucky enough work with frogs from across our global ponds, and our parent and sister companies. What excites me about the work we do at frog is that it’s always a collaborative process between all parties—our colleagues, our clients, and even the end users. We are proud of the work we put out in the world because we know it’s changing the human experience, one product or workshop or idea at a time."
Patrick Kalaher
VP of Growth & Strategy, North America & Asia
“Boston feels like North America’s healthcare epicenter, and we’re right here in the heart of it, working with some of the most cutting-edge medtech, healthcare providers and insurers out there to push innovation in the field and bring a human-centered approach to people—not just patients.”
Anthony Pannozzo
Chief Design Officer, North America & Asia
“As a smaller studio we work closely with our global colleagues—from our neighbors in New York to those as far as Shanghai. I love that our teams are able to collaborate near and far to bring bold solutions to our most distinguished clients.”
Liwen Jin
Marketing Director
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