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Unify — Circuit

Unify approached frog to help them improve their enterprise communications software interface. They soon realized that their problem, and opportunity, was something very different.

For an increasing number of professionals, collaboration spans many technologies and time zones. Business users expect professional tools to be as sophisticated and enjoyable as consumer software and devices. For Unify, a leading enterprise communications software provider, addressing this reality required more than a revision of their software’s appearance. Unify partnered with frog to envision an entirely new way to work.

To anchor the vision, frog evaluated existing unified communication technologies. We derived contextual insights through user research with customers, analysts and consultants in Europe and the US. Based on our findings, frog developed six personas for Unify’s future customers, articulating the customer journey and value proposition for each. These personas guided the creation of design and experience principles for the project.

With research in hand, frog collaborated with senior members of the Unify organization to generate concepts for future products and services. Together frog and Unify redefined the Unify portfolio, shifting the focus from traditional telephony to a holistic enterprise communications experience, with both software and hardware interoperating seamlessly across any channel. frog defined concepts for a powerful platform that would support natural human communication behavior across a range of work styles. Working closely with Unify, frog then developed hardware and software design languages and refined them iteratively through sketching, prototyping, and simulations. frog conducted concept critique sessions with users, buyers, and IT teams in Europe and the US to confirm the focus and direction.

Together Unify and frog realized Circuit, a new software platform that brings together text, voice, video, conferencing, and enterprise social networking in a seamless and intuitive experience. It allows users to easily combine and transition between formats regardless of device. Video and audio conferences transfer smoothly and easily from laptop to phone. Contacts, content, and files can all be searched within the context of conversations. Supporting both synchronous and asynchronous conversations, Circuit facilitates shorter response times and more relaxed team collaboration. By making it easy to start, follow and participate in conversations, Circuit enables workers anywhere to collaborate across channels.

Bringing the vision to reality required an extended design and development partnership. Influenced by frog’s open, creative culture, Unify fundamentally altered its own approach to product development. It embraced an agile development process, deeply integrating its own teams together with frog’s design, technology, and strategy teams. Over time, Unify and frog evolved a working pattern that mirrored the project vision itself, establishing their own “new way to work.”

“We knew we needed a world class partner who could design the optimal experience for the anywhere worker – an experience that would be the most productive, simple, elegant, and natural. Our analysis of the market told us we needed to look to someone who is an industry leader in the experience, not just the technology – especially for the emerging mobile workforce. Our brightest minds looked for and found a strong companion on that journey. We are proud of our relationship and I look forward to continuing to grow that partnership.”

Dean Douglas, CEO, Unify

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