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Metadistretti — E-Monitors

A device connecting cardiac patients with their healthcare providers in real-time, anywhere they go. The remote monitoring system follows three core design principles—simple, wearable and reassuring—to crate the best possible patient experience.

Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death worldwide, affecting nearly 17.5 million people each year, and resulting in thousands of surgeries and patients needing postoperative care. Frog teamed with Flextronics, the University Politecnico di Milano, GFM Net and the European Union to create a new cardiac remote monitoring system. Our goal: to create a simple way for doctors, health providers and family to wirelessly monitor and assess cardiac patients as they recovered, and for patients to comfortably recover at home while in the care of experts.

Research with cardiologists, cardiac nurses, family doctors, and cardiology patients revealed the ideal remote monitoring system would bring together patients, call centers and caregivers in a single integrated system to ensure the best medical outcomes. Patients needed reassurance that they were being properly monitored, but also needed a system that was easy to set up, comfortable and wearable. Extensive prototyping and user testing helped refine both the physical and the digital elements of the experience to meet these needs.

The Smart patch, which looks like a large bandage and sits on a patient’s chest, uses sensors to gather ECG, blood pressure, and blood oxygen data. The Device Node acts as a go-between, receiving data from the Patch and forwarding it via Bluetooth to a smartphone. The smartphone passes this data to a Health Center, where medical professionals and family can view and assess the data. Setup is as simple as turning the device on, and a large red button reassures patients in the event of an emergency.

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