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frog — Room-E

To showcase and prototype emerging voice, gesture and projection technology, frog created an experimental space where computers disappear and digital capabilities are extended into the physical environment.

The tablet and the mobile phone have dominated our modern conception of computing – but the future lies beyond the mobile device. In 2012, frog created an experimental lab that hacks off-the-shelf technology into a seamless computing environment in which the computer completely disappears, replaced by sound, gesture and projected displays.

Room-E makes communicating with a computing environment natural and intuitive. Packed with projectors, smart lights, microphones and Microsoft Kinects, Room-E responds to commands as well as context; saying "lights on" while pointing to a specific light turns that light on, while moving objects on a tabletop display causes it to reconfigure accordingly. This context awareness makes interactions faster and easier, requiring less input from the user. The lack of device frees the user to interact naturally with the environment, free from a dedicated display to attend to.

frog has used Room-E to imagine and prototype a new class of user interfaces. It has demonstrated that off-the-shelf technology, coupled with the right software, can transform how our clients connect with their customers. Beyond its value as a thought experiment, Room-E has led to various real-world client engagements to bring aspects this technology to the consumer market.

"The future of the computer is to make it disappear, so the house or the office or the building or the city is the computer."

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