A New Spin on Wind

frog — Revolver

A small, powerful portable wind turbine that makes generating clean, renewable power a breeze. 

Revolver is a portable consumer-grade wind turbine that delivers a personal source of off-the-grid power for mobile and electronic devices. Able to generate 35 watts from a breeze, the turbine provides enough energy to hold a laptop charge, light a lantern, power a radio, and recharge phones, cameras, or other small electronics. Revolver presents a high performance solution to a growing need: mobile power and true freedom from the grid.

Not restricted by time of day or location, wind power complements the mobile lifestyle. Revolver’s design reflects this flexibility. The device is easily transported in a discreet and slender tube. When compressed, the outer layer blossoms into 4 curved blades, revealing a lower assembly of a tripod base. Spikes on the tips anchor Revolver to the ground during high winds.

frog designers and mechanical engineers worked to prototype a device that can harness the greatest amount of power with the smallest footprint. With no existing reference points for a Darrieus turbine with flexible blades, translating Revolver from a blue sky concept to a viable product proved challenging. The final refined design features silicone airfoils that take advantage of aerodynamic lift forces.

The design was recognized with the prestigious BraunPrize 2012 Sustainability Award, an international competition celebrating beautiful and intuitive product design.

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