Tracking global cargo with a comprehensive data collection platform

Agheera — Pulse

To help Agheera's customers keep a sharp eye on their shipments, frog and Agheera designed and built a real-time data platform to monitor conditions from departure to destination.

Agheera’s power-independent sensors attach to cargo containers to relay temperature, location, and humidity data in real time. They collect a rich set of valuable information, but unless something goes wrong, this wealth of data is not shared. frog saw an opportunity to monetize this valuable information by putting it directly into customers hands.

To demonstrate the value of Agheera's tracking system, Pulse connects customers with their cargo through an information portal that presents vital data about each shipment's journey. Fleet info and tracking data appear as layers that live atop a map. Built on an open mapping platform, Pulse's web-based interface is user-friendly and easy to understand.

For a more powerful perspective, customers can turn to the Pulse marketplace to purchase additional information layers such as traffic and weather. The ecosystem is supported by a developer portal and SDK to encourage third-parties to format and sell relevant data. To extend the system further, customers can create additional form fields and data streams, as well as set email and SMS notifications to stay on top of events and errors.

Pulse’s intuitive UI allows novices and experts alike to track and personalize complex shipping information. The tool’s highly interactive interfaces let customers' quickly view, drill down, and act on a flood of live data. From concept through development, frog and Agheera teams brought the finished product to market within 16 months.

Agheera’s new platform proves that while access to cargo data is useful, personalizing real-time fleet data and shipping conditions is priceless.

“frog's interdisciplinary end-to-end skills and their extremely professional and proactive attitude made them the perfect partner for us and fun to work with. The team was able to quickly immerse themselves and develop a holistic understanding of user needs, business models, and overall processes.”

Hassan Aftabruyan, CEO, Agheera

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