Inside the AI Playbook

Take a deep dive into frog’s human-centered approach to designing with AI and emerging technology

frog invites you to take a deep dive into our AI Playbook to understand the importance of human-centered design when implementing AI and emerging tech. In each installment, our team of design, data and technology experts discuss key experience domains, including: Mixed Reality, ZeroUI, Connected Environments, and Blended Intelligence.

Blended Intelligence

By super-charging rote processes or tasks to AI, we’re able to design more efficient and effective systems. Blended Intelligence allows us to design software and workflows that combine the best of human reasoning, experience, and intuition with powerful AI solutions.

Connected Environments 

The convergence of digital and physical is key to ensuring truly connected environments that provide seamless in-person to online experiences. We bring together design, technology, architecture and human behavior to uncover ways AI and emerging tech can create truly amazing connected experiences.



ZeroUI is all about designing experiences beyond the screen by removing traditional GUI in favor of something that feels more natural, like spoken language, voice recognition, gesture detection, or haptic feedback.

Mixed Reality

We use Mixed Reality to create solutions that can immerse someone into an artificial environment, augment the environment and experiences that we live in today, and even facilitate human “superpowers.”

Human-Centered AI

As our senior data scientist Jennifer Wang says, “AI has no intelligence,” which means it’s up to us to design and build truly human-centered AI products and experiences. This means ensuring that the AI is trust-worthy, unbiased and actually solving a human need or problem.