Building a Studio Culture of Critique

A Guide To Creative Critique
In the past, much of the design field was dependent on the experiences, preferences and expertise of individual design leaders. Today however, the applications and challenges of design are too great to expect one person to have all the answers. The Culture of Critique aims to help individuals, teams and organizations pool their knowledge in a focused, constructive way that generates better ideas, better products and better designers.
The tools and processes described here represent one of the most effective ways frog has found to quickly implement and develop the Culture of Critique in any organization.

Download the Report to learn more about:

  • 3 Key questions to frame critique
  • What critique accomplishes and who should be doing it
  • Tips for critiquers
Halle Kho

As Creative Lead of frog’s New York studio, Halle leads a team of talented interaction and visual designers to deliver on a complete user experience across projects. Halle is responsible for growing and maintaining the culture of design in the studio and ensuring quality and inspiration on projects. Prior to frog, Halle was Senior Creative Director for Barnes & Noble, where she was responsible for the rebrand of She started her career in agencies, where she led client teams for brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Grey Goose Johnson & Johnson and Armani. Her award-winning work has been shown at the Cooper Hewitt and MoMA.


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