Senior Design Technologist

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At frog we are united by our shared passion for outcomes that transform the human experience. We accomplish these outcomes by taking on complex challenges, big asks, and things that have never been done before. We look beyond point solutions and apply design to the creation of new strategies, systems, and—in some cases—entirely new businesses. We know that takes all types of people. We believe that diverse backgrounds and experiences creates a stronger frog.

Our work is transformational because our people are extraordinary. frogs are analytical and artistic, conservative and unconventional, technical and whimsical. We look for hybrid talents and build teams around divergent expertise, which allows us to solve problems and uncover opportunities in unique ways. frogs are some of the best talent in the world, and together we advance the human experience through design. 

The Position: Senior Design Technologist

The Senior Design Technologist is an expert in UI/UX within the overall context of application development. He/she is responsible for requirements analysis, rapid visual and interaction prototyping, visual and non-visual component design, and successful implementation and/or integration of applications and services across presentation, logic, and data services tiers. At frog design, the Senior Technologist will not only provide a high-fidelity implementation, but also creatively enhances the vision of the interaction and visual design. He/she bridges the gap between design and technology by providing technical guidance during the design process — not only bringing awareness to constraints, but also applying their creative thinking and problem solving abilities to create opportunities for innovation. Other responsibilities include collaborating with designers to express requirements as interactive prototypes, utilizing appropriate tools, assets, and methodologies to facilitate the iterative workflow between designers and technologists, and leveraging his/her own design sensibilities during implementation cycles. The Senior Design Technologist will often work closely with one or more Technologists and Technical Architects.

The Contribution:

  • Translate requirements into detailed application specifications using best practices such as object-oriented design and a sound knowledge of the software design lifecycle
  • Negotiate data services integration and develop or specify the logic necessary to support data-binding within the user interface
  • Design the layout, controls, interactions, and animation of user interfaces
  • Provide leadership throughout the project lifecycle
  • Serve as the primary technical contact with clients and third-parties
  • Participate in project scoping and estimation tasks
  • Provide solution, application, or services architecture recommendations

You Are:

Someone who wants to influence your own development. You’re looking for a company where you have the opportunity to pursue your interests across functions and geographies, and where a job title is not considered the final definition of who you are, but the starting point. You bring to the organization the following:

  • 8+ years of professional experience designing and developing software applications with rich user interfaces on a variety of technology platforms
  • Experience translating requirements into object-oriented applications or dynamic websites
  • Expert-level implementation skills in at least three of the technologies listed below
  • Detailed design-level knowledge of at least three of the technologies listed below
  • Ability to provide substantiated strategic technology and architecture recommendations
  • Strong written/oral communication skills and a willingness to contribute to inline code documentation
  • Bachelor’s degree in the sciences, engineering, or a creative discipline is required (a master’s degree is preferred)
  • Strong leadership skills and a willingness to mentor junior Design Technologists
  • Ability to lead tasks throughout the project lifecycle, serve as the primary technical contact with clients and third-parties, participate in project scoping and estimation tasks, and provide architecture, solution, and/or services recommendations
  • A portfolio of recent work history showcasing successful software releases (particularly those which used iterative/agile methodologies such as scrum or feature driven development) and demonstrate a passion for current technology trends and best practices

Plus, experience in the following technologies:

  • Desktop, Rich Internet/Platform, or Web Applications in Microsoft .NET 3.x (WPF/XAML), Microsoft Silverlight, Qt Desktop, Adobe Flash/Flex/AIR, (X)HTML/CSS/JavaScript, or AJAX
  • Mobile Applications in Qualcomm uiOne, BREW, Symbian (UIQ or Nokia Series 60), Microsoft Windows Mobile, Flash Lite, or Android
  • Distributed N-Tier applications or services in Microsoft .NET, LAMP, or J2EE
  • Consumer or embedded devices
  • Rich user interfaces, object-oriented design, data modeling, application development, and taking projects through an entire software release lifecycle preferred