Improving the imaging experience of dental and facial surgery patients.

To improve accuracy and comfort, frog partnered with Acteon to design a dental imaging system that appeals to providers and patients alike.

To capture an accurate image for the diagnosis of dental and facial problems, dentists traditionally rely on medical CT scanner -- a bulky, highly mechanical, and claustrophobic machine. Device manufacturer Acteon asked frog to help them transform the scanning experience with a new dental tomography system that is more comfortable for the patient and more accurate for the provider. The new WhiteFox Dental Tomography System is the first compact 3D-imaging system made specifically for dental and facial surgery practices.

A calm and comfortable patient means a more precise imaging. To understand the ergonomics and the human factors involved, frog created a series of test rigs and foam models. Designers of different sizes and heights tried out each solution from both a standing and seated wheelchair position to ensure suitability across a broad range of patients. The final design pairs a chin rest with hand grips and a transparent head-support structure to provide excellent stability without giving patients a trapped feeling.

frog and Acteon needed to meet rigorous industry standards for safety, rigidity, and precision, all while maintaining a light and elegant look that keeps patients relaxed. With custom extrusions, castings and machined parts, frog's final design leaves much of the basic structure exposed. The final design language communicates the precision of Acteon's high-end technology with dynamic arcs and angular cuts that reduce volume and accentuate the purity of the underlying geometry.

With its appeal to both providers and patients, the versatile Whitefox has seen strong sales among dentists, stomatologists, orthodontists and ENTs. The device was the recipient of a 2011 red dot award for excellence in product design.

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